We have a great selection of in-stock Shag Rugs. Thick deep high pile shag rugs and commercial graphics samples are available for you to see the color and the quality of our rugs. There are some fantastic shag rugs in cream, gray, tan, taupe, White ivory, and brown. Bright shag rugs in orange, yellow, red, blue, gold, lime, purple, pink. Dark shag rugs in black, charcoal, navy. We also have a large assortment of multi-color shag rugs and area rugs. We also sell wall-to-wall carpets for your project in multi-color graphics. Our rugs are the type you see in many television shows and beautiful homes worldwide. We work well with movie producers set designers for that perfect color.


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Light Silver Gray
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Light Silver Gray
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Light Silver Gray
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Luxurious Deep High Pile Shag Rug Light Gray.

This rug is beautiful and would be perfect in your living room or bedroom under your bed and sticking out 3 feet on each side of your bed. When you see a sample of it, you will be amazed at the color and the quality. FOR A SAMPLE SWATCH OF THIS RUG,  SCROLL DOWN TO ITEM OPTIONS AND CLICK ON AN ARROW AND FOLLOW CHECK OUT!


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Luxurious Thick Deep High Pile Light Silver Gray Shag Rug Extremely Heavy and is a beautiful Soft Polyester Fiber.


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