We Make the Best 3" Tufted Extra-Large Shag Rugs!

This is the type shag rug you see on the television.

Offering 15' Wide on selected color and sizes. Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval and Octagon to fit most spaces. Swatch Samples are available to see the color!



Click on the photo of rug to see details about the rug. When ordering 15 wide rugs, call customer service at 706-673-4999.

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Sansom Shag Rugs

Sansom Shag Rugs  Sansom Shag Rugs  Sansom Shag Rugs  Sansom Shag Rugs  Sansom Shag Rugs  www.sansomshagrugs.com/shopwww.sansomshagrugs.com

Sansom Shag Rugs 706-673-4999



 Sansom Shag Rugs Snow White

Sansom Shag Rugs

Sansom Shag Rugs

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Chrome Gray Shag Rug
Quick Shopping for ordering rug or sample. Click on the rug photo and click on arrow across from the shape you want. Then Follow check out. DETAILS ABOUT THIS RUG ARE: 3 inch pile, Gray Polyester Fiber
In Stock!
Glitz Italy Shag Rug
Glitz, Off White, Teal, Sage, Hints of red and tiny gold yarn. Samples available click on the rug photo. Scroll down to find prices and a way to purchase samples. need assistance call 706-673-4999
In Stock!
Indigo Mix Shag Rug
6425 Limited Stock
In Stock!
Merlot Mix Shag Rug
4709 Limited Stock
In Stock!
Navy Shag Rugs
299 Dark Navy
In Stock!
Salt and Pepper (Black and White)
Salt and Pepper, 3 inch Nylon fibers. Black and White mix.
In Stock!
Shag rugs add to the warmth of all the rooms in the house .


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