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Luxury has never been overrated with our rugs and carpets—thick heavy shag rugs in oh-so-many- groovy colors. Samples are available for you to see the color and the quality. For a sample, click on the picture, scroll down to item options, put a check into the box, and follow check out. We manufacture exquisite rugs and carpets for the movie industry; you may have seen our rugs on many television shows and in beautiful homes worldwide. The rugs we make go hand in hand with hard surface floors, and you will enjoy walking, laying, and playing on our beautiful shag rugs and our ability to get you a custom-fit carpet for your space. We do make some of the best heavy shag rugs! Check out our YouTube shorts in some of our colors.


Samples Start at $7.00 sent USPS Priority Mail. Click on the photo of rug to see details about the rug.

When ordering 15 wide rugs, call customer service at 706-673-4999.  


Red and Black Short Shag Rugs and Carpet
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Red and Black Short Shag Rugs and Carpet
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Red and Black Short Shag Rugs and Carpet
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Short Heavy Shag Rugs and Carpet
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Red and Black
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Endurance Team Red and Black Shag Rug or wall-to-wall carpet!

You are going to love this bright red and black rug. This rug has a larger yarn with a shorter pile but a large, twisted, heat-set polyester yarn thickness. This carpet will be excellent in your home or high-traffic area. This is the shag colors that were popular back in the 1970's! You can order a sample of this product! Scroll down to Item Options and request a sample or a rug. This product is only available in large rugs or wall-wall carpets.

The width of the carpet is 12', and the roll sizes are 50' up to 150'. It's a fantastic color combination.

Item Options - Put a Check in the Box to Check out. Rugs 8 x 10 and Over Additional Shipping Charges Contact Customer Service for additional cost for your area.
Sample of this color shag rug. ( $7.00)
9 X 12 ( $1,050.00)
12 X 12 ( $1,199.00)
12 X 15 ( $1,599.00)
12 X 18 ( $2,200.00)
12 X 20 ( $2,400.00)
10 Ft. Round ( $999.00)
12 Ft. Round ( $1,200.00)
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Endurance Team Red and Black Short Shag. Bright Red and dark black large rugs Only and Wall to Wall Carpet.


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