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Beautiful Thick high pile shag rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, and specializing in extra-large area rugs and custom shapes. Commercial nylon hospitality carpet. Eco-Friendly wool carpets. Bright color carpets include orange, Red, Yellow, Lime, purple, and many other bright colors. We work well with the entertainment industry, such as movie production, set designers, and project managers, and make custom colors and sizes for their specific needs. You can order samples to see if the color and the quality are what you want before you buy. Ask us about our custom color wall-to-wall solid-color carpet and commercial carpet. You must purchase more than 12 X 200 ft. for custom colors for custom solid colors. (Some restrictions may apply). Luxury is never overrated with our brand!


Click on the photo of rug to see details about the rug. When ordering 15 wide rugs, call customer service at 706-673-4999.  


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10 FP Rubber / Felt
Custom 1
Rug Pad
Custom 2
Rubber Felt Pad
Custom 3
12 x 15 Under layment Pad
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Superior Felted Rubber Pad with felt on the top of the pad. Perfect for any rug, and we can make custom sizes. Just email the size you need in inches, the width, and the length, and we will email you the cost of the shipping shipped to your home.

Product details

  • 1/8 Inch thick felted rug pad.
  • Assist in the non-movement of your rug.
  • Bottom side is natural rubber to lay on your hard surface floors.
  • Topside is fibers that are stiff to grip the bottom of your rug.
  • Great for assisting in absorbing sound in your room. Especially upstairs and under musical instruments like drums and pianos, this pad has many purposes. 







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Felted Rubber Carpet Rug Padding Acoustic Sound Barrier Natural Rubber/Synthetic Fibers. Custom sizing is available.


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