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Luxurious thick high, pile shag rugs in custom sizes, and you can order a sample of the rug. We specialize in extra-large shag rugs and shag carpet. If you need a custom size or shape from our shag rug online store, we can custom-make that for you in-house. If you need a custom color for your home or project, allow us to give you an estimate. We work well with the movie industry and designers and make beautiful one-of-a-kind carpets for homes worldwide. We make rugs and carpets of nylon, polyester, and wool. Order a rug or sample online. Check out our bright colors, light shades of neutrals, and multi-color rugs and carpets. We carry many colors that are 8 x 10, 9 x12, 12 x 12, 12 x 15, 12 x 20 and larger. If you need additional information feel free to contact us at 706-673-4999.


Samples Start at $7.00 sent USPS Priority Mail. Click on the photo of rug to see details about the rug.

When ordering 15 wide rugs, call customer service at 706-673-4999.  


America Red, Blue Shag Rugs
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America Red, Blue Shag Rugs
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America Red, Blue Shag Rugs
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Luxurious Shag Rug Red White and Blue
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Luxurious High Pile Shag Rug.

This rug is extremely heavy! Samples are available to see this exquisite rug's color, quality, and design. For a sample of this rug, scroll down to Item Options, click the drop-down arrow, and follow checkout. What you see in this rug is red and blue. The white is not as noticeable. This rug is one chunky chunk of beauty, and you will love it! Great for a sports room or patriotic room. 




Item Options - Put a Check in the Box to Check out. Rugs 8 x 10 and Over Additional Shipping Charges Contact Customer Service for additional cost for your area.
Sample of this color shag rug. ( $7.00)
3 X 5 ( $215.00)
4 X 6 ( $299.00)
5 X 8 ( $499.00)
6 X 9 ( $599.00)
8 X 10 ( $799.00)
9 X 12 ( $1,050.00)
12 X 12 ( $1,199.00)
12 X 15 ( $1,599.00)
12 X 18 ( $2,200.00)
12 X 20 ( $2,400.00)
3 Ft Round ( $199.00)
6 Ft Round ( $499.00)
8 Ft Round ( $699.00)
10 Ft. Round ( $999.00)
12 Ft. Round ( $1,200.00)
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A luxurious high pile of red, blue, and Undertones of White Shag Rug. Polyester and white nylon.


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